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Evaluation Process for 23 Standards in 5 Fields(Basic Evaluation)

STEP 1. Enroll

Charities perform self-check and complete the application form.

STEP 2. Send information materials

Charities share materials using Google account or via e-mail.

STEP 3. Initial Evaluation

Two evaluators check the submitted materials and assess whether standards are met or not met.

STEP 4. Decision-making meeting

Judge evaluation result of any standard(s) on which the two evaluators have different opinions.

STEP 5. Initial Report

Initial report sent to charities.

STEP 6. Review the report

Charities can review the report and have an opportunity to provide additional materials.
*If the organization confirms the evaluation result at this point, move to STEP8

STEP 7. Final Evaluation

Re-assess the evaluation for any standards that the charities have not satisfied at the initial evaluation.

STEP 8. Final Report

A completed report is provided to charities and the charities can decide whether to have it published on JCNE website

STEP 9. Publish the final result

The completed evaluation result is posted on JCNE for two years.
*Any standards not met can be amended based on new information at any point.